Walk+Bike! It's Good for Your Heart!!

February is a perfect time to find your Safe Route to School

It’s good for your heart, you whole body and it’s fun!!


Join friends and family and on roads with low traffic or sidewalks,

dress to see and be seen, cross at intersections/ corners.

We teach staff and students to be PALS with regards to using walking, biking, driving.

Please do the same when you travel throughout the community.

P- Polite: respect all road users (look out for each other)

A- Alert: eyes, ears and brain focused on task (put your phone away!)

L- Legal: obey all sign and signals, know your rights AND responsibilities

S- Safe: know your abilities to make good choices


We all must work together to keep us all safe while getting to and from school. Thank you!

Aloha Huber Park Barnes           Beaver Acres Bethany        Bonny Slope     Cedar Mill       
Chehalem Cooper Mountain Elmonica Errol Hassell Findley Fir Grove
Greenway Hazeldale Hiteon Jacob Wismer Kinnaman McKay
McKinley Montclair Nancy Ryles Oak Hills Raleigh Hills Raleigh Park
Ridgewood Rock Creek Scholls Heights Sexton Mountain Springville Terra Linda
Vose West Tualatin View William Walker      

Walk, Bike or Bus... It's the Way To Go!

We all have responsibilities to help ourselves and others be safe on the road. 


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