It’s a bus without the bus! A Walking School Bus is a group of families that walk along an established route together, collecting more families as they go. Walking School Buses can operate daily, one week a month or just on certain days. Choose the model that’s right for your community.

Sexton Mountain Elementary started their program in 2010 and it's still going strong! Check out their video for inspiration!

Here are the steps needed to get a Walking School Bus going:

  1. Determine interest: Start with parents.  
  2. Plan the route(s): Work with the principal, parents and students to identify routes.
    • Map each route, designating the location and times for pick-up and drop-off sites. See "Mapping" for ideas.
    • Look for streets with:
      • Room to safely walk
      • Safe crossings
      • Low volume and slow traffic
  3. Decide on and announce day of first walk, post map of routes.  
  4. Host school assembly/newsletter article reminding all of Pedestrian Safety Rules and Walking School Bus routes, times, etc.
    • Be visible. Wear bright clothing, or add reflective material or a blinking light to your jacket or backpack.
    • Before crossing a street, look “left-right-left” for traffic and continue looking in all directions as you complete crossing.
    • When available, use sidewalks and crosswalks with traffic lights and signals; wait for a walk signal and a green light for your turn to cross the street.
  5. Walk! Have fun, and plan your next one!

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