The Neighborhood Navigators curriculum focuses on safe, efficient and healthy transportation choices, pedestrian safety, community and neighborhood design, and was developed for Oregon’s Safe Routes to School Program. 

Each lesson includes all the components you will need to understand the objectives and plan for the activities such as: lesson objectives, printable appendices, activities, and teacher reflection/ evaluation.

K-Grade 3K-3 Workbook

Lesson 1, Lesson 2, Lesson 3, Lesson 4, Lesson 5

Check out this video showing overview of all 5 K-3 Lessons from Jefferson Elementary in Corvallis.

Grade 4-54-5 Workbook

Grade 6-86-8 Workbook

The curriculum is aligned with Oregon Education Standards for the appropriate grade, and many of the lessons meet other subject standards, as shown at the beginning of each section, or downloaded here:

K-Grade 3Grade 4-5Grade 6-8

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