Everybody is a pedestrian.

Everyone starts using the transportation system as a pedestrian. We are all are part of the same traffic system when we walk or ride on the streets, and we all share the rights and repsonsibilities. Research tells us that children perceive traffic differently than adults, a drivers can help by slowing down and being extra cautious around schools, parks and on neighborhood streets,

Students should do the following to keep the trip to school safe:

  • Keep your Eyes and Ears Open! And use them to look and listen in ALL directions as you complete crossing.
  • Be visible. Wear bright clothing, or add reflective material or a blinking light to your jacket or backpack.
  • When available, use sidewalks and crosswalks with traffic lights/ signals; wait for a walk signal/ green light for your turn to cross the street.

Beaverton Police helped produce this video to review how best to cross street in a variety of situations.



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